Thursday, April 7, 2011

My First Arak

The other day I was on my laptop viewing old pictures of family gatherings (The barbecue, Tabbouleh, hummus, Hookahs, and arak) that occur mostly on Sundays. So as I saw the arak bottles, I began this epic journey of self exploration and soul search... When was my first cup of arak??

To those of you who don't know arak, shame on you!
Arak is an alcoholic drink that is made exclusively in lebanon out of grapes and "Yansoon" or, as google translated it, Anise seeds. It is very strong and when mixed with water, to make it lighter, it turns white.

Soo back to my story :D
As I dwelled in the past, this random and really surprising memory came upon me... So here it is:

It was a sunny Sunday as we prepared the tables and the meat for the barbecue. My uncle, Lets call him MS, was building the fire to cook on. Now I was just 10, the age where the Christopher Columbus in you is ALIVE. So as I was admiring my uncle's then amazing skills of building a fire, I stumbled upon this great white mixture he was holding in his hands. So the following conversation took place:

Me: "Hey uncle MS, what's that in your hands?"

MS: "Oh don't you know what it is?"

Me: "No... Please enlighten me Oh wisdom uncle."

MS: "It's an amazing drink called white Nescafe."

Me: "Wooow!! is it good?"

MS: "it's amazing! Do you want some?"

Me: "ofcourse i do!! But why is it in a small cup?" 

MS: "Oh... because it's too delicious to be taken in large quantities... well, Here you go.. But before you take it, remember this, it's only good when you take it all at once."

Me: "OK!!!" (gulps drink all at once then spits half of it)
"OMG i hate it. I think I should stick to the regular Nescafe.." (Yes, most kids in lebanon start drinking coffee at a young age.)

And it wasn't until i was about 14 that i knew this drink was in fact Arak and not "White Nescafe"...
So Thank you uncle MS for the most Helpful and nurturing information you provided me all these years. 

And there it is, My first cup of Arak was an unintended one! 

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