Monday, April 11, 2011

The Lebanese National Anthem Is Not So Lebanese

Yes, I am very pissed but I have to announce that even the thing we pride the most and love so much is, in fact, stolen. Not surprising if you ask me. We, the lebanese, pride ourselves with stealing... pretty much everything. You name it, we stole it :D I'm not trying to denounce the potential and creativity we have, But we do steal a lot of good ideas. Have you seen Clementine lately??!! They're on the roll with this s**t.

Now back to the national anthem. Quoting wikipedia on this: "The Lebanese National Anthem was written by Rashid Nakhle and composed by Wadih Sabra." NOT so much... It WAS written by rashid nakhle BUT, the real music composition belongs to the Flayfel Brothers who composed this for a country then called Rif republic, which is known in our days as Morocco. On September 18, 1921, Rif republic announced its independence. On may 27, 1926, It was dissoluted by Spanish and French forces.

Now here's the funny part. Not more than a YEAR later, Wadih Sabra presented his masterpiece which was adopted in 1927 by the lebanese government. Now it's not just a note or two, He stole the WHOLE thing. But as embarrassing as this may sound, it is funny as hell. I mean, Internet wasn't even invented at that time, even Cars barely existed in our country. So you have GOT to admit that these guys are gooood at stealing. They had to get it the old fashioned way, not the youtube way. A year back then is like a day in internet time!!

So from now on, If you see a really catchy tune and you have the urge to steal it, just remember, its a genetic thing.. therefore you can't help but steal it :D
P.S: Can we now say "He pulled a Sabra" whenever someone steals a tune? Just a thought...

Al-Jadeed TV did a special on the subject last night and Ghassan Rahbani was rambling about how inappropriate it is to keep this anthem now we know it's stolen. Oh ghassan, we're not stupid enough to let you make a stupid rock version of the anthem for the fame and sake of immortalizing your name. Even though it IS stolen, doesn't mean we don't love it. Seriously, it still gives me the goosebumps whenever I hear the anthem, and to change it is to destroy that feeling of nationalism for at least a couple of generations...

Finally, we will always love you anthem, even though you were adopted... well more like kidnapped but you get my point..
Good night everyone... Or good morning... whenever you are reading this. And don't forget to listen to the Lebanese Moroccan Collaboration anthem before you head off to you daily business.

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